Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Capote vs. Brando

One of the classic match-ups — for any source — would be Truman Capote.

In this 1960s interview with Marlon Brandon in a hotel room and during dinner in Tokyo, the true-to-form Capote attempted to take his normally loquacious approach to his interviews. Brando fought back, though. If Capote tried to get a word in edgewise; he countered. On it went, interviewer and subject fighting for control; trying to outdo each other. For someone (Brando) who wanted to get HIS point across, Capote's technique worked. If Capote's mother was a drunk; Brando's was MORE of a drunk AND his father beat him. If Capote had a funny story; Brando's was funnier. For every intellectual statement Capote made, Brando was even more profound.

With a strong character like this, it might be good to provoke. While it's certainly not my style to match story for story, there's something to it. I find myself comparing my experiences with the subject I'm interviewing. When they tell me they acted in a certain way, I try to vocalize what I would have done. Sometimes this advances the question without ever putting it as such.

Just some food for thought. A great profile to read if anyone's interested ...

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